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This is the story of a little Volkswagen with a big dream.  R2K began life as a Sirocco, and for many years made families happy driving them to work, school and play. 

This is the story of a Vietnam Veteran who worked hard to help his mother raise the family, and who almost lost his life many times.  He was wounded in war, stricken with malaria and then just 5 years ago, discovered he had a T3 tumor in his larynx. 

This is the story of a man who rescued a little has-been car, and together showed the world that there is not just "life" after cancer, there is "GOOD" life after cancer, thanks to JESUS!

The two of them, having gone through the valley of the shadow of death; hammered, dented and repainted several times, are living their dreams of victory.  For "Rod", his salvation and healing from cancer are victories that began five years ago.  For R2K, this year promises to be better than all the previous seasons of victory for the little Volkswagen with the big dreams!  See some of our wins below.

Please come to the track and cheer them on!

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